Charming originality in your home

Each lampshade is unique, featuring a handmade original cyanotype 

Heavenly Wildflowers, an enchanting sway of passion flowers, petals, leaves, tendrils with a playful scatter of honesty, poppies and wildflowers

Inspired by nature

Botanical photograms. Our elegant compositions are of everyday and inspirational plants

Alliums Celestial, is a celebration of this mighty flowerhead

Circles of strong bright allium heads float amongst softly decaying dock leaves

Shine a light

Bring an eye-catching sparkle to any corner of your home 

Our shades complement contemporary and traditional interiors

Heavenly wildflowers, 20cm diameter shade

Bespoke shades

Have your own idea for a lampshade? Get in touch, we’d love to help

Underwater World is an imaginary seascape recently commissioned as a companion for a vintage lighthouse lamp stand

A gift to treasure

Treat yourself or someone special

Unique gifts to celebrate any occasion, wedding, new home, birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversaries or just because´╗┐

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